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about us

The Story of HAUS - Beauty Inside and Out

Our Vision


A world of beautiful human beings inside and out.


Beautiful is something you can see, touch and feel. Indeed, all human beings are subject to beauty in their own way. Beauty glows from the confidence within yourself and the spirit may appeal to the whole world.

Our Mission


Make available skincare, cosmetics, and supplements that are with quality, safety, and halal.


Since 2014, we have been manufacturing thousands of beauty products for business-to-business service. We offer only expertise in researching and developing the best safest and most effective formulations to meet the beauty demands along with trends of the market from time to time.


In 2019, we are committed to fulfilling our purpose to see the world of beauty in humans inside and out. Hence, the HAUS brand was launched officially in early 2019.

Core Value


Passion - Quality - Care

Gifts for our future generation, we are committed to using natural resources raw materials, reducing plastic packaging, encouraging recycling programs, and banning animal testing. A better world is in our hands. 


Join us now for a world of beautiful human beings inside and out.