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HAUS…a Germanic word for ‘House or Reliable Home’. We believe that beauty is for everyone. We dedicate ourselves to build a house to help create a world of beautiful human beings inside and out.

We focus on the Alphabet “A” as we believe first and foremost that A is the alphabet for quality. This is one of our core values. The Alphabet A also appears like a roof of a house. This signifies the roof to our house of strong leadership and team that will help humanity create a beautiful world..


The colour purple has its beginnings from ancient times and is associated with all good vibes. Amongst others, Purple is described with being imaginative, full of emotions, creative, insprirational and enlightened.


This is HAUS..

Collaboration with Switzerland Scientist

The Company has engaged highly qualified international scientists and manufacturers from Switzerland, France, Italy, Japan and Korea who recommends authentic raw materials which have taken Haus product at par with the global standards and quality while, achieve a cutting-edge technology to drive excellence. 


Our scientific, research and development successes came from unwavering efforts to produce collections of high quality products through the powerful skin microbiome technology, to natural base blood orange technology and brown algae technology, or the skilful epigenetic technology, pore refining technology and 72-hours hydration technology. In order to stay sustainable, Haus International ensures every scientific collaboration, innovation, research and development efforts are aligned to the Company’s vision and values.  


The company has ventured in cosmetic production line since 2013 embodying products in different forms of cream, gel, liquid and powder to renew the consumers’ senses and needs.


We also run our own nutrition and supplement factory with certified Food-Drug Interface (FDI) category or class, producing jelly and liquid form products. 


Complemented with good governance, our raw materials meet the international ISO and FDA standards. And, manufacturing processes do comply to the local regulations and standards i.e. by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) under the Ministry of Health (MOH), HALAL Certified under Department of Islamic Development Malaysia or known locally as Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) and Department of Safety and Health (DOSH) under Ministry of Human Resources. We are also practising safe ingredients or raw materials which are certified under vegan, natural, organic, cruelty free, paraben free, SLES and SLS Free by international trusted organization i.e., COSMOS and ECOCERT. Our achievement it’s also reflected on winning the ‘Superbrands Award’. 


Best Concealer. Magic Pinky works wonders.


A dual-finishing compact powder with ‘pore and shine control’ ability, improved with SPF20 sunscreen and superfine micro powder. It’s just magical with Magic Pinky Micro Powder as it is lightweight, natural and ensures a radiant finishing, formulated quite differently from other liquid concealers. 


Reimagine...with one concealer, it covers up dark eye bags, breakouts, facial spots and redness. The formula is flexible, created with matte finish to control the shininess and does not settle into fine lines. Made specially for Asian skins.