HAUS Cosmetics is the leading brand for halal and vegan skincare cosmetics in Malaysia. Our range of products undergo strict regulations to meet our high standards of quality control.

We are fast-growing and have expanded internationally to Singapore and Indonesia. We aim to be a world-renowned and a global brand in upcoming years.

HAUS Cosmetics has expanded our collection into a full range of colour cosmetics, including eyeshadow palettes, concealers, highlighters, blushes, accessories and more.

We strive to fulfill our motto, “Confidence is Perfection” to empower women to be confident in their own skin with natural skincare makeup.  

Our Commitment
& Promise

High-end products that won’t break your bank. Our quality ingredients are
imported from Italy. Each of our products is tried and tested in our labs in a
controlled environment.


HAUS Cosmetics is cruelty-free and vegan based.
We ​Do Not ​test on animals.


Founded by Eiyma and Azizi in 2017, HAUS Cosmetics have come a long way since their early days of establishing GIM Cosmetics Industries, which is responsible for manufacturing thousands of Halal and GMP-certified skincare and cosmetics.