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HQ HAUS | HAUS Guardian


If I buy from the HAUS Guardian, am I entitled to get the reward points?

Yes, of course. On every purchase of HAUS product, you will be entitled 1 points for each RM10 spent. Purchase can be made from HAUS Guardian or any HAUS shop platform.

How to check my current accumulated points?

Kindly log onto your account at Go to “Rewards” tab, click onto the button “Total Reward Points”.

How to register the HAUS Lover membership?

Please contact the HAUS Guardian nearest to you or straight to HQ online customer service at +60163325545.

Is there any expiry date for my reward points?

Yes, accumulative rewards points will be expired at the end of each year and will not be forwarded to the next year. Therefore, please redeem the accumulative points before expiry at the end of the year.