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It was after his graduation in Electrical Power Engineering at the University Technology MARA (UiTM), Azizi Mohd started his career in the private sectors from 2005. However, he found the opportunity to venture into his own businesses as early as 2008 and stretched up to more than a decade, specializing in multiple services which supports the commercial field. 


By 2013, Azizi personally escalated his focus and support in brand and product development which then assisted his wife – Eiyma Jalil (Managing Director of the company), to explore in the cosmetics and beauty products. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, he has been the force to actively drive product development which won them business contracts at the industrial level to seamlessly creating brands which are personalized. 


With his vast experience, Azizi was invited to become one of MARA Entrepreneurial Panel in 2021 and 2022, specifically for the certification of Service, Business Development and Production for Halal cosmetics. 


With his in-depth engagement in business development and production, Azizi is a business leader who greatly understands solid business principals to scaling businesses and, being innovative in creating strategic outlook as well as, knowing the importance of always staying ahead in this competitive industry and market.