Haus Cosmetics

Matte Velvet Compact Powder


Matte Velvet Compact Powder(MVCP) | RM 79

KKM-Approved: : NOT191007569K

A dual-finishing compact powder with ‘sebum fixer’ ability, included with SPF15 sunscreen, and buildable up to full coverage. This long last mattifiying powder also act as ‘shine-eraser’ formulated specifically for Asian skin.

The ability of zinc oxide to control excess sebum can prevent acnes at the same time transforming the oily shiny skin into a perfect glowing finishing. Chia seed oil soothing your irritated skin, reduces skin redness, and restores your skin barrier.

Combination of Vitamin C and E works effectively to brighten your skin, lighten up dark spots and scars.  Vitamin B-complex inside Jojoba oil keep your dry skin moisturized and deeply hydrated.