Haus Cosmetics

Set Jeragat Advance (Dry/Combination Skin Type)


Combo Contains : 1 bottle of scrub cleanser, 1 bottle of moisturizer and 1 bottle of Silky Intense Oil Serum


Package & Benefits:

1. Blood Orange Scrub Cleanser (Liquid Gel Texture)

KKM-Approved: NOT190806244K
Benefit: Cleansing and removing skin sebum, which is the root cause of dull and pale skin tone.


2. Blood Orange Cream Moisturizer (Cream Based for Dry/ Combination Skin Type)

KKM-Approved: NOT190802728K
Helps skin to look glowing and shine. Restore skin moisture. 

3. Intense Silky Oil Serum (Natural Essential Oil)

KKM-Approved: NOT191007569K

Benefit: Act as an booster. When combine with other Haus Cosmetics products line, it boosts the effect. Hence, it rejuvenates, heals and restores the skin firmness faster and gives better result.