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Color: Farah

Melty Glam Aqua Foundation + Matte Creamy Lips 

Wait, we just made up this must-have combo for you! Take it as the token of appreciation from us, sincerely. Stay right there before you put on this new look Melty Glam Aqua Foundation and Matte Creamy Lips. Both are the killer!

A creamy lip matte with 12 colours to feast your eyes.

Spoil your lips to choose from NUDE to BOLD colours. This lip matte is creamy at the moment of glide then turn into a neat matte finishing, transfer-proof, moisturizing with highly pigmented and luxury texture.

This lip matte is not going to dry out the lips as Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12 is an amino acid chains to promote collagen formation for a healthy, firm and plumping lips. This peptide has been scientifically proven able to remove wrinkles on the lips, and lighten up dark lips with its anti-oxidant properties.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E work effectively to lighten up dark lips and keeping the lips moisturized. Argan oil nourishing power with its natural Vitamin E content gives you a well hydrated pout.

Bring this Matte Creamy Lips along to maintain your fresh look and moisturized lips throughout the day.


1x Squishy Puff