HAUS Cosmetics Founder

In 2017, Eiyma and Azizi started their own skincare cosmetics brand–HAUS Cosmetics. They believe deeply in the power of skincare cosmetics, so much so they want to bring the best products for their loyal customers.

Originality and Quality as Promised

HAUS’s first foundation was born. This popular product took of on its own and is well-loved by many, thanks to its brilliant formulation and quality ingredients. We sold up to 30,000 bottles in a month!

Natural Products in Works

We started envisioning creating a top-notch natural, vegan and halal beauty line for the world. With only a small lab (GIM Cosmetics), and one chemist, they start turning their dream into reality. One step at a time.

Reach for the Stars

The founders strictly uphold three principles to strive for their brand:
+ To create high-quality, international standards products
+ To maintain only guaranteed Halal products for their customers
+ To upkeep and continually improve their products formulation


A world-renowned and most trusted ​halal​ cosmetics, and skincare leading brand.


At HAUS Cosmetics, we strive and thrive to:
+ Advance Malaysia's beauty and health industry.
+ Ensure safe and high-quality halal cosmetics for everyone.
+ Lead the science of skincare and cosmetics with industry's latest tech.
+ Only produce halal-guaranteed cosmetics and skincare with the purest and safest ingredients.