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    I've been switching to HAUS Brand for almost a year now! Really love all their products and trust their formulations.


    Local brand with trusted formulations. 

    Siti Nursyuhada

    This is the only Compact Powder i used when dealing with bad acne and it has never broken me out.


Superfine Micro Powder
Best Concealer. Magic Pinky work wonders. Bye to dark eye bags & circles.

A dual-finishing compact powder with ‘pore and shine control’ ability, improved with SPF20 sunscreen and superfine micro powder. It's just magical with Magic Pinky micro powder as it is lightweight, natural and ensures a radiant finishing, formulated quite differently from other liquid concealers.


Reimagine...with one concealer, it covers up dark eye bags, breakouts, facial spots, and redness. The formula is flexible, created with matte finish to control the shininess and does not settle into fine lines. Made specially for Asian skins.

Love for sunscreen
My new “must-have” Non White Cast Sunscreen

With the thinning of ozone layers, an A-listed quality sunscreen it's a must-have for any skin tone or location.


HAUS Super Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF50 PA++++ is a waterbase solution which leaves an invisible protective barrier behind to keep a 72-hour hydration for your skin. A perfect reminder to refresh your supply and get one today.

Beauty Inside And Out
It’s “Berry Refreshing” For Our Skin

With the genius of Dr. Fred Zullie from Switzerland and Puan Eiyma Jalil, the "berry refreshing" Beau Bright supplement was discovered. Taste super yummy, jelly like texture, no sweetener and no colouring. It comes in a cool slim packaging and easy to bring along anywhere.


Enjoy it daily and allow this repair skin barrier supplement strenghten your skin elasticity, improve skin hydration, enhance skin firmness and boost skin radiance. The value of 'beauty inside and out'.