Haus Cosmetics

Combo A : Dry & Combination Skin Set


Combo Contains : 1 bottle of Blood Orange Scrub Cleanser, 1 bottle of Blood Orange Brightening Serum, 1 bottle of Silky Intense Oil Serum (Calendula) and 1 Blood Orange Cream Moisturiser.


Package & Benefits:

1. Blood Orange Scrub Cleanser (Liquid Gel Texture)

KKM-Approved: NOT190806244K
Benefit: Cleansing and removing skin sebum, which is the root cause of dull and pale skin tone.


2. Blood Orange Brightening Serum (Non Sticky Liquid Formula)

KKM-Approved: NOT190802733K
Benefit: Vanishing black spot on skin and restore skin tone. Besides, it brightens skin effectively. Say hi to natural and healthy look bright skin!


3. Blood Orange Cream Moisturizer (Cream Based for Oily Skin Type)

KKM-Approved: NOT190802726K
Benefit: Helps skin to look glowing and shine. Removes excess oil while maintaining skin moisture. 


4. Silky Intense Oil Serum (Calendula)

KKM-Approved: NOT191007569K

Benefit: Act as an booster. When combine with other Haus Cosmetics products line, it boosts the effect. Hence, it rejuvenates, heals and restores the skin firmness faster and gives better result.