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Gel Moisturiser


Blood Orange Brightening Gel Moisturiser

RM 79.00 | 20g

KKM-Approved: NOT190802726K

A 100% guaranteed water based formulated gel moisturizer, we designed specifically for oily and sensitive skin. Feel the lightweight and comfy texture on your own. It absorbs in the blink of your eyes into your skin.

Blood orange are rich in natural Anthocyanins to help fight off free radicals and inflammation so that all acnes and freckles go away, Vitamin C to brighten the skin, and Vitamin A to maintain the health of the skin deeply. This blood orange has scientifically proven to give you at least two tone brighter and healthier skin.

This moisturizer is included with the super powerful premium ingredient for moisturizing which is Sodium Hyaluronate where its capability to strengthen the skin barrier is undeniable.

Hydrolyzed Royal Jelly Protein help increase the collagen, and reduce the melanin production giving you a new revived and plumping skin. Bengkoang root extract widely used for skin brightening effectively.

The combination of Green Tea and Olive leaf extract are naturally rich in anti-oxidants, helps to reduce redness, inflammation, and great in wound and scars healing.